An island under the sea

At the end of Operation Tortoise, the Grk adventure set in the Seychelles, I wrote that, because of global warming, the islands might suffer the fate of many low-lying islands throughout the world and sink under the waves. That has now happened to a tiny island, the cause of disputes between India and Bangladesh, which has now gone forever. See this BBC report for details: “A tiny island claimed for years by India and Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal has disappeared beneath the rising seas, scientists in India say.”

Grk and Gruk

Three of the Grk books have now been published in French. The third, Grk and the Hot Dog Trail, is coming out this week as Gruk Sur la Piste des Hot Dogs.

As you’ll have noticed, Grk’s name has been changed to Gruk.

The books themselves have been beautifully produced by Gallimard Jeunesse; they’re full of lovely little drawings of Grk/Gruk.