Dear Hope Jones…

If you’ve read either of the Hope Jones books, you’ll know that Hope publishes her own email address on her blog, and invites readers to get in touch with her.

She has had some wonderful messages – including a fabulous email from a reader called Rosa.

Rosa also sent a brilliant speech which she had written.

I was so impressed that I asked Rosa if I could publish her speech here, and I was delighted when she said yes.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading what Rosa has written – and perhaps you’ll be inspired to write a speech of your own.

2 thoughts on “Dear Hope Jones…”

  1. As a vegetarian of 72 years, (I will be 94 in 3 weeks), I was so delighted by Hope Jones Will NOT Eat Meat.
    It is such a sensible and witty book.
    I and a friend had a website called Marvellously Meat Free – however we have had to stop it because the cost was suddenly hiked. Our aim was to help anyone along the way of trying out Veggie or vegan recipes and we still have the email. We are in process of changing the name to something more positive – maybe – Marvellously Plant Based – but we have not yet decided. Of course it would be super if we could find a sponsor for a new website, but there are loads of recipes out there and we will continue on a more personal basis
    I am looking forward †o reading your other books. I wrote some recipe books and there are still a few available.
    All the very best mustn’t take up your time !

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