About me

My name is Josh Lacey, and I am the author of A Dog Called Grk, The Dragonsitter, Island of Thieves and many other books.

I was born in London and I’ve lived in this amazing city for almost my entire life. I spent my childhood immersed in books, disappearing down rabbit holes and into wardrobes, exploring unknown countries and distant corners of the galaxy.

As an adult, I’ve never quite managed to pull myself away from these fabulous places and into what people like to call “real life”. Instead, I’ve remained absorbed by the world of books.

I’ve now written about forty. Almost all my books are intended for children, although one of them, God is Brazilian, is aimed more at adults.

My first book was A Dog Called Grk, the story of Timothy Malt, a boy who finds a lost dog in the street and decides to reunite him with his owners. I have written seven more books about Tim and Grk and their adventures around the world – from France to Brazil, Italy to Australia.

I have written one historical novel: Bearkeeper is set in Shakespeare’s London, following the adventures of a boy named Pip who rescues a bear from the Bear Gardens.

A few years ago, I wrote The Dragonsitter, and there are now ten books in that series. I’ve also written three books about a complicated family nicknamed the Misfitz, and two adventure stories about a boy named Tom Trelawney: Island of Thieves and The Sultan’s Tigers.

My most recent series is about Hope Jones, a 10 year girl who is very worried about climate change. You can read about her in Hope Jones Saves the World, Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat, and Hope Jones Clears the Air

I have also written one picture book, The Pet Potato

You can ask me a question by emailing me or read my answers to other people’s questions by clicking here