An interview with Grk

What type of dog are you?
Grk is a small dog with black eyes. He has white fur with black patches and a perky little tail.

What’s your favourite food?
Grk has a particular fondness for steak. He also likes sausages, stews, casseroles, pork chops, lamb chops, bones, biscuits, pizza, shrimps, spaghetti, fish fingers and just about every other type of food on the planet. Except broccoli.

What does the name Grk mean?
Grk is actually a word in Stanislavian. (That’s the language that people speak in Stanislavia, a country in Eastern Europe.) There isn’t one single word in English which means exactly the same as “grk”. To translate it, you would need at least three words, and probably more. In a rough translation, “grk” means brave, generous and foolish, all at the same time. You would use the word “grk” to describe a warrior who lost his life in the service of a noble but rather pointless cause.

What country would you like your adventures to take you to next?
Grk would like to visit Argentina, which is famous for producing the juiciest steaks on the planet.

Which villain did you enjoyed thwarting the most?
Grk doesn’t especially enjoy thwarting villains. He is happiest lying on the floor with a large steak, then settling down for a long snooze.

Would you like to see a film or TV adaptation of your adventures?
Grk has never actually been inside a cinema, so he doesn’t know whether he would like to see himself in a film. But he would definitely like to see himself on TV.

Is there anything else that Grk would like to say?
Yes, he’s hungry. Do you have a spare steak?