Island of Thieves

The Island of Thieves and The Sultan’s Tigers

Two books about the adventures of Tom Trelawney and his Uncle Harvey.

The Island of Thieves

Tom Trelawney was looking for excitement. Now he’s found it. With his eccentric uncle Harvey, he’s travelling to South America on a quest for hidden gold. But Harvey has some dangerous enemies and they want the treasure too. Who will be the first to uncover the secrets of the mysterious island?

The Sultan’s Tigers

On the day of his grandfather’s funeral, Tom Trelawney discovers an incredible family secret. While serving as a soldier in India one of his ancestors stole and then hid a precious, jewel-encrusted tiger. The tiger is one of eight – all identical – that once surrounded the throne of a legendary sultan. Now a ruthless Indian billionaire is attempting to collect the full set – and only one is still missing…

Reviews & prizes

“Funny and action packed, this well-paced, smartly written crime caper is just the thing for boys of 8+. Uncle Harvey is a wonderful comic creation; more, please.” Amanda Craig, The Times

“A thrilling adventure” Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian

“One of the best children’s adventure stories of the year” Books for Keeps

“A stunning treasure story complete with a mysterious manuscript and hidden chests of gold and silver. While firmly rooted in the perils and dangers of modern day life in Peru, the real magic of the story lies in the tales of plundering pirates, majestic galleons, and legendary sea voyages contained in the manuscript.” addictedtomedia

“A cracking thriller packed full of intrigue, danger and daring.” The Observer

“With its movie-poster cover and fast-paced storyline, Island of Thieves will entertain kids of all ages.” Wired

The Island of Thieves has been declared one of’s Best Books of the Year 2012. The book is also on the YALSA list of Best Fiction for Young Adults 2013, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Tower Hamlets Book Award and the 2013 Salford Children’s Book Award.

The Sultan’s Tigers won the Calderdale Book Award 2013