Win a signed copy of The Pet Potato!

Win a signed copy of The Pet Potato and a surprise potato-themed treat!

Download a template and draw your own potato character.

The wonderful Tales on Moon Lane – @talesonmoonlane – are running a competition to celebrate publication of The Pet Potato – all details here:

The closing date is Monday 20 June…

If you’re nearby, Momoko and I will be in the bookshop on Friday, June 24th to choose the winner, read the book, and do some drawing activities. Please come and join in!

Teaching Resources

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) and my publishers have made some wonderful teaching resources for the Hope Jones series.

You can find them on the Hope Jones website:

“These notes have been written by the teachers at the CLPE to provide schools with ideas to develop comprehension and cross-curricular activities around this text. They build on our work supporting teachers to use quality texts throughout the reading curriculum. They encourage a deep reading of and reflection on the text, which may happen over a series of reading sessions, rather than in just one sitting. We hope you find them useful.”

Little Rebels

I’m delighted that Hope Jones Saves the World has been shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award.

This is a wonderful prize, and every year, the shortlists are full of fabulous books. I’m so pleased that Hope Jones is among them.

“The Little Rebels Award celebrates children’s fiction which challenges stereotypes, promotes social justice and advocates for a more peaceful and fairer world.”

More details about the award on the website:

Dear Hope Jones…

If you’ve read either of the Hope Jones books, you’ll know that Hope publishes her own email address on her blog, and invites readers to get in touch with her.

She has had some wonderful messages – including a fabulous email from a reader called Rosa.

Rosa also sent a brilliant speech which she had written.

I was so impressed that I asked Rosa if I could publish her speech here, and I was delighted when she said yes.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading what Rosa has written – and perhaps you’ll be inspired to write a speech of your own.

What’s your resolution?

Happy new year! Let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020.

At the beginning of the first Hope Jones book, Hope makes a resolution:

The second Hope Jones is actually set a little later in the year, but at the beginning of the book, Hope makes another resolution: she is going to become a vegetarian.

Hope tries being a vegan – and tries to persuade her family to give up meat too – but ends up as a flexitarian.

If you want to know more about her journey, and the food that she eats, and what she discovers about farms, farming, and climate change, then you should read Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat.

I hope you enjoy it!