One of the best things about being a writer is getting letters and emails from all around the world. Here are some that I’ve received. If you’d like to send me a letter of your own, please click here.

Dear Mr Lacey
I just thought I would write to let you know that we have been reading Grk and the pelotti gang as our class book over the last two terms and my whole class think it is amazing. I teach in a deprived area of Bristol and this book has really switched the children on to reading which is great.

Dear Joshua,
I have enjoyed reading the Grk books but I can’t wait for the next Grk book. Please can you get writing because I’m hungry for more Grk books! I hope that there will always be another Grk book waiting for me to be read!
From Patrick, Age 8, Christchurch, New Zealand.

I just wanted to thank you for writing a book that my 7 year old son Sam actively wants to read (he is right now staying up late to finish A Dog Called GRK, “please mum,” he said “there’s just 10 more pages left”).
This is the first time he has wanted to finish any book by himself, the first time he has curled up on the sofa to read instead of wanting to watch TV/play on the computer. He’s already read the Pelotti Gang (I know, wrong order, but anyway he loved it) and I’ve promised him a trip to Waterstone’s tomorrow to buy the Hot Dog Trail.
Keep them coming!
Many thanks,
mother of 3 boys and determined to get them all passionate about reading, because I am.

Josh – I am Cole and I am six years old and I live in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  I really like your books.  My favorite characters are Max and Grk.  So far, I have only read A Dog Called Grk.  Now, I am reading Grk and the Pelotti Gang.  I have only read half of it.

Dear josh
my name is Laurie, I have read the Grk series and Bearkeeper. I think Bearkeeper is the best book in the world because it is so natural. It feels very real because the globe is still there and a few streets away there is a building called the bear garden.

i enoyeed u visiting our school it was really fun like your books.

Just thought I would share this short story. I am a youth services librarian in Walnut Creek, California near San Francisco. I took a trip to Brazil to celebrate my 50th birthday. I noticed that GRK and the Pelotti gang took place in Rio, I thought it would be fun to read on the trip so I took a copy. I went to Iguassu Falls and Rio and Ouro Preto. If you have not been to Ouro Preto, you should go. Very pretty, interesting, historical and would make a great setting for a gigantic heist movie; there are loads of precious gems everywhere. I loved the book especially as I enjoyed being battered by some waterfalls myself and was able to stay in the Copacabana Palace. I told one of the managers at the Copa about the book. He was delighted. He photocopied the part describing the great service and how it is the choice of pop stars and presidents so he could share with other staff. Anyway. thanks for the delightful books. I will be recommending them wholeheartdly to children who are looking for adventure. I was reminded quite happily of Roald Dahl, Tintin and the Mouse That Roared.

Dear Josh,
I am Andrew & i’m 11 & a half.I am writing to you to say how much i enjoyed reading one of your books.The book is called “grk:Operation tortoise” I read the book it was a great book,it was action packed definetley a thriller. You write your books very well and with a lot of passion.I enjoyed reading your book and am looking forward to reading the other adventure’s stories of Tim and grk.

I have just read Grk smells a rat and grk and the hotgog trail. they were both amazing. i coudnt even take my eyes off the page or off the book. The book i really want to read next is bearkeeper. My mom took me to sellyoak libary and i found all of your books. I have to take them back next thursday but i dont want to. I will go into a book shop and buy the books instead.

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