More Grk books?

A few days ago I got an email from a reader named Nico:

Hi Josh I really like your Grk series and I would be really EXCITED about more!

I wrote back to him, but my reply bounced. If you’re Nico, please do write to me again, but give me your correct email address this time.

I’ll answer Nico’s question here anyway. As you’ll know if you have read the Grk books, each of them is set in a different country. I had a dream that Grk might travel to every country in the world, although that would mean writing 196 books. And perhaps he would travel to the moon too, like his fictional ancestor Snowy, bringing the total up to 197.

But at the moment, my time is taken up with the Dragonsitter instead, so I don’t know when, or if, I will ever return to the further adventures of Tim, Grk, Max and Natascha.


I often get wonderful letters and emails from readers. Yesterday a parcel arrived from Leicestershire, containing a bundle of letters from children who I met at Melton Mowbray library earlier this year.

These letters are decorated with some great drawings, and I can’t resist posting a few of them here:






Pseudonymous Books

I’ve written about my top 10 pseudonymous books for the Guardian – and about my own decision to use an assumed name for my first book, which I have since regretted.

“When I was wrote my first book, A Dog Called Grk, I was working for
this very newspaper, writing and editing reviews for the books pages. I
didn’t want people to get confused about who I was or what I did, so I
thought it would be sensible to have two different names, one for books
and the other for journalism. I invented a new name for myself: a pen
name, a nom de plume, a pseudonym.”