The Dragonsitter

There are nine Dragonsitter books, and the tenth will be published in 2019.

The Dragonsitter

“This is a witty and perfectly formed little book that deserves to be read and reread: it packs an extraordinary amount of fun and adventure into its 64 pages and will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.”
Books for Keeps.

“Short, sharp and funny.”
The Daily Telegraph.

“Belly-busting laughter for all the family.”
We Love This Book.

Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2012.

The Dragonsitter Takes Off

Uncle Morton’s dragon comes to stay with Eddie and Emily again.
This time, the dragon is hiding a secret…

“A brilliant follow-up to The Dragonsitter

The Dragonsitter’s Castle

It’s Christmas. Eddie and Emily are going to stay with their dad in his new home.
They bring a couple of unexpected guests…

“Full of fun, this is a perfect first chapter book for boys and girls alike.”
Books for Keeps

The Dragonsitter’s Island

Eddie, Emily and their mum go to stay on Uncle Morton’s island to look after his dragons. The island is full of surprises…

The Dragonsitter’s Party

It’s Eddie’s birthday. He’s having a magician and twenty friends. But he didn’t invite any dragons…

The Dragonsitter to the Rescue

Eddie and Emily visit London with their father, but Arthur slips away on a trip to the Natural History Museum.

The Dragonsitter: Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween, so Eddie and Emily need some interesting costumes… Can the dragons lend a hand?

The Dragonsitter Detective

Eddie and Emily have travelled to Scotland for a very special event…

The Dragonsitter’s Surprise

Eddie and Emily are about to get the biggest surprise of their lives…



The fabulous illustrations in the Dragonsitter books are by Garry Parsons. You can see more of his work on his website.